Relive with us the exceptional moments of the Africa 35.35 2019 edition in Ghana !

Founded in 2016, formerly known as "Francophonie 3535" (by then open only to French-speaking Africa), we have recognized in the last 3 years 105 youth from Africa and the Diaspora from 29 countries around memorable activities


Olalekan Olude
Cofounder at Jobberman, Nigeria

« Africa 3535 is a very good platform for spotting the real heroes of Africa, those that have decided to eschew crime and serve as ambassadors of the African continent. »

Leslie Addae
Cofounder at TalentsinAfrica, Ghana

« I am very passionate about ideas and innovation and I believe Africa 3535 is a platform for Africa's young innovators to showcase their ideas and innovations and get inspired ! »

Khalid Machchate
CEO at K&W Technologies International, Morocco

« Africa 3535 is proof that our youth have the talent, the resilience and the vision to change our continent for the better»

Eric Ntumba
Country Head: Corporate, Private and Upper SME Banking chez Equity Bank Congo

« Africa's Youth is full of highly talented and innovative individuals that are currently driving the continent forward. It is a story not sufficiently broadcasted and too often shadowed by the cloud of old and outdated narratives. Africa 3535 is the silver lining reminding us that Africa is great, that its Youth is vibrant and that our time is Now! »